The book is designed to help the Hebrew reader in Israel to understand the Gospel of Matthew and to apply its lessons to his everyday life. In order to do so, one needs to learn this outstanding gospel and discover its emphases and its teaching of Christian faith and of a Christian lifestyle.

Matthew points out, in particular, the fulfillment of the Old Testament in the life of Jesus, his death and resurrection. He presents Jesus as a symbol of Israeli nation faithful to God, and also as a sovereign Lord, whose presence, teachings and ministry uncover the promised kingdom of God. These facts about the gospel Matthew color it in a unique toning. The gospel also gives a response to the important questions facing every Jew believing in Yeshua.

The book “Studies in the Gospel of Matthew” delve into the biblical text, yet its content is not displayed in academic Hebrew, but in a language suitable for all.


Author: Baruch Maoz

Pages: 473

Cover: Hard

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