Peter Dynamite, Twice Born Russian


A captivating story of tears and triupmh which led a Russian boy, Peter Deyneka, to international renown as an evangelist to the Russian world.

Biography of a Russian-American evangelist and a missionary to the Russian diaspora, Peter Deyneka or otherwise called Peter Dynamite. Born in what is present-day Belarus, Deyneka immigrated to Chicago in 1914, where he worked in a machine shop. Reared in the Russian Orthodox Church and briefly claiming to be an atheist, Deyneka was born again in 1920 at Moody Memorial Church.

Believing that he was called to evangelize his own people, he returned to the Soviet Union and discovered that only his mother and one brother were alive; his father, three brothers, and two sisters had starved to death during the Russian famine of 1921. He dedicated himself to the ministry of evangelism despite the dangers and persecutions under the Soviet regime. In 1936, Peter and few other supporters incorporated as the Russian Gospel Association, the name of which was changed to the Slavic Gospel Association in 1949.

Author: Norman Rohrer and Peter Deyneka Jr.

Pages: 127

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