The book of Obadiah, the shortest of the Minor Prophets, exposes the reader to the important and significant message that relates to the fate of the enemies of God. And the book of Micah, the prophet whose name means in Hebrew “who is God like you?” reminds the reader of God’s sincerity and faithfulness.

Jacob Westerink, the author of the commentary, is endowed with spiritual sensitivity, cordiality and extensive experience, which few of the biblical interpreters are characterized by. In this book, he presents Obadiah and Micah, two of the Minor Prophets, in a rich, deep and lively manner. He offers an interesting commentary, helpful historical insights, personal applications and questions for discussion.

The book is written in the fluent, pleasant and intriguing language. Suitable for personal study or group.


Author: Jacob Westerink


Pages: 116

Cover: soft


Additional books in the series: Hosea, Judges, Joel and Amos.

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