When John Mark wrote his gospel about Jesus two thousand years ago, it was a new kind of writing. No one before him wrote a gospel. In fact, no one knew what was the gospel!

Of course, there were those who authored testimonies and wrote books on the lives of great men. But what made the message of Marcus so special is the fact that the gospel was not written in purpose to document the story of the life of Jesus as a great man, but to convince readers that Jesus is the Son of God… So who is Jesus of Nazareth? What does His gospel say? This book introduces the reader to the answer of Marcus.

The book is written in a fluent and clear language and is designed for personal or group studies. Some guiding material is found on the last pages of the book that will help the reader to study the Epistle and practically apply it in their lives. This guide can also serve as a useful tool for home group studies. The guide brings up topics for discussion and encourages independent thinking and spiritual growth on the basis of written in the Bible and the New Testament.


Author: Sinclair B. Ferguson


Pages: 327

Cover: Soft

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