Settlement of the tribes of Israel and their exploration of the land through much struggling are full of practical lessons to the reality of life in Israel today. Book of Judges reveals periodicity of sin and need of repentance that teach about God ruling the world justly, yet with grace. Readers can learn that God is the true governor of Israel and treats him with grace, despite his sins, but also demands faithfulness.

Explanations are simple and easy to understand. The book contains eighteen subjects, rich introduction to the book of Judges and ten maps that help the reader locate the places mentioned in the book and understand the military actions described in it. The author interprets the Book of Judges verse by verse in order to make clear the meaning of the text, adding notes relevant to our times. Each chapter is accompanied by questions for review and discussion, what makes the book suitable for use in educational and personal reference.


Author: Baruch Maoz


Pages: 268

Cover: Soft


Additional books in the series: Hosea, Obadaiah and Micah, Joel and Amos

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