Joel and Amos are two of the most important prophets of Israel and also the earliest. Joel and his furious prophecies were used as a foundation to many later prophecies and were a source of their key ideas. The Prophet Amos is distinguished by his moral and social sensitivity and his prophecies about the nations of the region and not only the northern kingdom.

Also today, things must be uttered in the ears of the people of Israel, and they must implement them, internalize and make them an essential part of their pattern of thinking and their lives.

This book will help anyone, who is interested in deepening their understanding of Scriptures. The author interprets the Book of Joel and the Book of Amos book verse by verse, adding notes relevant to our times.

Each chapter ends with a summary of the ideas that appear in it and a brief prayer to the point.


Author: Baruch Maoz


Pages: 260

Cover: Soft


Additional books in the series: Hosea, Judges, Obadiah and Micah

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