Jewish Identity in Christ, Baruch Maoz

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Answers to questions about the nature of being of Jewish believers in Christ living among their own people.

Title of the book itself raises questions and concerns about the nature of being of Jewish believers in Christ living among their own people:
• What is the status of the Law with regard to Jewish identity in Christ?
• Is the Law valid for Jewish believers in Christ nowadays? If so, what is this validation?
• What is the place of Jewish tradition with regard to the Jewish identity in Christ?
• Is it possible to maintain traditions without being enslaved to it?
• Is it possible to maintain the identity without tradition?
• Was the Epistle to Galatians written only to gentiles? Are Jewish believers in Christ exempt from the Law?

These and other questions related to them are discussed in this book based on the discussion held during the inter-church conference in 1983.


Author: Baruch Maoz

Pages: 76

Cover: Soft


Available also in Russian.

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