In recent years, Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel produced four musicals, for children and adults. These Plays and Musicals brought much talent in the body of Messiah to light in the fields of writing, casting, stage management, design, media, song, dance, drama and more.

“Heroes of the Faith” is the first messianic play for children performed in 2007. The story is about an Israeli boy, who wants to dress up as Superman on Purim carnival, yet his believing friends are rebuking him for not choosing a costume of a Biblical hero.

The goal of the producers was that the festival would be a quality cultural event that would glorify God and serve as an encouragement to the children, to strengthen them as believers in Yeshua, by instilling in them important principles of the Messianic faith and the clear truth of the Word of God.


Subtitles: Hebrew, English


Producer and DIrector: MJAI, Dina Lukatz

Script: Anatoly P.

Sponsorship: Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel (MJAI)


Additional plays: Yesterday and Today (2009), Noah’s Ark (2011), The Star is Born (2013)

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