God Willing, Jon Flavel

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The book discusses the subject of supervision of God on lives of those, who believe in Him.

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Are our life circumstances purely coincidental, or there is an invisible hand directing them? Does God control everything that happens in the world, or just some of the events? What does it mean that God is watching over me? Does He know all small details of my life? If so, why does He allow the evil to spread out in the world? What kind of supervision is this?

The book was written to address these questions. John Flavel lived in the 17th century in England. Most of his active years He spent underground because he opposed the royal intervention in matters of the church. He wrote and acted under the pressure of persecution, until his death in 1631.His books are some of the classic English Christian literature and are loved by masses of readers due to the ability of Flavel to speak directly to the reader’s heart and integrate an intellectual tone.


Author: John Flavel

Pages: 72

Cover: Soft

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