Do you want to know God, enjoy Him and glorify Him? How can you do that? This book deals with the fundamentals of the Christian faith, and presents to the reader the main principals in it. The first part of the book deals with God and His Word, and the second part discusses the principles of faith.

Who is God? What characterizes Him and how does He act? What is God’s relationship with the world created? Christianity dares to answer these questions even though we live in the midst of skeptical generation convinced that any idea is acceptable except the one that claims to be true. How were the Scriptures written? Are they authoritative? What part plays the Holy Spirit in the writing of Scriptures, and what part play men? How should Scriptures be used in everyday life? These are some of the issues that this book deals with.


Author: Baruch Maoz

Pages: 171

Cover: Soft

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