A Lawyer’s Case for God, Jim Jacob


A Lawyer’s Case for God offers insight into vital issues about the faith, life, and the afterlife.

Jim Jacob, esteemed lawyer in U.S., was an inveterate atheist. He thoughtmost of his life that Bible is a fairy tale, but changed his mind following athorough study. In this book he presents his views in the past and refutesthem wisely and sensibly. And so he wrote in the book’s introduction: “All I can offer you is a piece of information that I wish was brought to my attention many years ago.”
The book examines fundamental issues such as faith, life and the afterlife. Is there evidence of God? Is the written in the Scriptures a truth? If so, why is there so much suffering in the world?
Jim Jacob answers these and other questions logically, in detail and convincingly.


Author: Jim Jacob

Pages: 139

Cover: soft


Available also in Russian.

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