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Why Publish in Hebrew?

© David Zadok CWI, HaGefen Publishing   Introduction About a year ago we had guests from Holland in our home. While we were enjoying coffee and dessert, one of them asked me why we go to such lengths to publish books in Hebrew? He explained that as he had traveled around Israel he found that […]

Current affairs

Terror Attacks and the Gospel

Not long ago a friend suggested I read the book The Israel Test by George Gilbert.[1] The thesis of the book states that the main reason for the conflict in the Middle East and the hostility against Israel is jealousy. The author lists the unprecedented achievements of the tiny state of Israel and then goes […]

Just a Thought

Creation vs Invention

God created all things from nothing, which is often called ex-nihilo, a Latin phrase literally meaning out of nothing. In the beginning, before anything existed, God created all things by the power of His Word. He said “Let there be…,” and there was, and it was good. In fact, everything he created was very good […]